Monday, March 11, 2013

AT&T vs Comcast

I had AT&T DSL internet service.  I was happy.  I recommended it to my friends.  Then AT&T, over a period of a few months, cut the speed to dial-up levels. Dial-up.   YouTube wouldn't load.  Hulu was the same.  And forget about downloading anything--it would take forever.  

And there was, apparently, no recourse.  None.  Even after many hours on the phone, and in spite of paying more for the highest tier of service, I was getting shit!

If you wonder what speed you are getting, head over to 

This was the best AT&T U-verse could do:

AT&T U-verse was giving me less than 1Mbps.  Sad.

And today I got the Comcast "Performance Boost" installed:

24Mbps!?  Wow!  Happy now!  :-)

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